Welcome to my “How To Guitar” website where I will teach you how to play guitar! Over the course of several weeks, I will be posting lessons on the art of playing guitar right from the initial plug in and tuning up to advanced theories like modes. In between, I’ll be showing you how to actually play a guitar as well as some interesting music theory that will help you learn how to play guitar even faster.


Introductory Guitar Lessons

1. Introduction
2. History of the Guitar
3. Best Guitar Players Ever!
4. How to Tune The Guitar
5. Parts of the Guitar
6. How To Hold The Guitar
7. How To Fret Notes
8. How to Pick Notes

Introductory Quiz

how to play guitar

Beginner Guitar Lessons

1. The Musical Staff
2. How to Read Guitar Tablature
3. Counting and Timing
4. Basic Rock Rhythm
5. Warming Up
6. Notes of the Guitar
7. Chord Diagrams
8. How to Play Guitar Chords
9. Beginner Guitar Lesson Books

Intermediate Guitar Lessons

1. Musical Keys
2. Chord Chart
3. Chord Progressions
4. Power Chords
5. 12-Bar Blues
6. Barre Chords
7. Introduction to Scales
8. Relative Majors and Minors
9. Scale Construction
10. Chord Construction

how to guitar

Advanced Guitar Lessons

1. Inversions
2. Intervals
3. Advanced Chords
4. Advanced Scales
5. Advanced Exercises

Improvement Lessons

1. How To Be a Better Guitarist