Basic Rock Rhythm


basic rock rhythmThis is a basic rock rhythm.  Even if you don’t play any notes or chords on the guitar, see if you can count out this exercise based on what you learned in the previous lessons on How To Guitar.


You can play this rhythm using all downstrokes on the guitar.  This is accomplished by picking every time your hand goes down and not playing anything when your hand comes back up.  In terms of heavy metal, this is way you would play a ton of Metallica songs for example.  The downstrokes can be entire chords or just a single note.


If you pick every time your hand goes down and also pick when your hand comes back up, what you are doing is alternating up and down strokes.  This can be done using entire chords for a riff or single notes for a melody or solo.  For metal, instead of Metallica, think Pantera.  We will be playing the examples fairly slow to start.  You won’t build up to the metal for weeks.

Basic Rock Rhythm

This was a short lesson this week because I just wanted you to get in the habit of thinking “in time” when you play the guitar. I wanted to show you a really basic rock rhythm before I started showing you notes and chords and more advanced rhythms.  For now, try just playing the example using downstrokes and then repeat using alternating strokes and see if you can  use a metronome to keep it in time. Set your metronome to 92 beats per minute. Start by tapping your foot to each metronome beat. Then start playing guitar along to your tapping foot.  Once you have the hang of that, try playing the example in this lesson. Try to picture a bunch of people stomping their feet along to the beat, this might help you subconsciously.  After you have the hang of playing in time at 92 bpm, try turning up the metronome to 100 and try again.  The best way to get better at guitar is to always start off slowly playing to a metronome and perfect the slow tempo.  Once you have it perfect slow, then you turn up the tempo just a little bit and get it perfect again.  If you start off playing as fast as you can, you will never learn the intricate nuances required for advanced playing.

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