Beginner Guitar Lesson Books


If you are a beginner guitarist, you may find this article very useful. I have reviewed a variety of books in the course of learning how to play guitar, and teaching others how to play guitar. I am able to recommend the following books based on my actual experience with the books and books like them.

Guitar for Absolute Beginners

Guitar for Absolute Beginners is a book taught at the New York City Guitar School. It can be used with a teacher, in a class or for self study. A really cool bonus is that there are videos of the examples on Guitar School’s youtube channel so it’s almost like you’re actually attending the Guitar School.

The book includes details practice plans, motivating stories and popular song examples from U2, Coldplay, Guns n’ Roses and many more classic artists. The lessons include topics such as frets, strings, rests, chord diagrams, chords, fretting, picking, memorizing songs, tablature, chord progressions, rhythms, strumming and changing chords. The book is perfect for the beginner guitarist that wants a good starter book to learn the basics of how to play popular rock and pop songs.

Guitar for Dummies

The Guitar for Dummies series is a good reference point for the absolute beginner guitarist. The edition that I have was written by Mark Phillips and includes a DVD. The book covers quite a bit of information not usually found in your typical “Mel Bay” type books, such as buying a guitar, buying guitar equipment and caring for a guitar. The book includes photos-illustrated exercises and songs along with technical discussions and step-by-step instruction on learning how to play the guitar. Styles of playing are varied and include rock, folk, blues and classical.The DVD includes video and audio material that help you to tune and play along to the exercises and songs. The Guitar for Dummies series is a good introduction for any novice guitarist.


Guitar Mastery Simplified

Guitar Mastery Simplified: How Anyone Can Quickly Become a Strumming, Chords, and Lead Guitar Ninja is a great book that teaches a simplified approach to learning how to play the guitar.The paperback book was written by Erich Andreas who has been playing and teaching guitar for about 30 years.  It is also available in a digital edition. The book is filled with lessons that include dexterity exercises, chords, scales, chord charts, fingerpicking, strumming, tablature, improvisation, capos, ear training, tuning, and general music theory. The book is intended for beginners right through to advanced guitar players.

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