How To Play Guitar Chords


how to play guitar chordsWelcome back to our How To Guitar lessons. For this lesson, we are going to learn how to play guitar chords. In our last lesson, we learned how to read a guitar chord diagram so for this lesson, we are going to learn how to play those diagrams on the actual guitar.

First Chord

We are going to begin by playing a simple C Major chord in the open position. The chord diagram on the right shows you the placement of fingers for the C chord on the guitar, which corresponds to the picture below. The notes in this position from low to high are C-E-G-C-E. The C-Major chord is made of three notes. C, E and G. You can play those three notes in any position on the guitar and it will make a C-Major chord.

Finger Placement

Start by placing each of your fingers onto the frets the same as the picture.  Keep your thumb on the back of the neck the same way as I taught you in the holding guitar and fretting notes lessons.  If this is uncomfortable, make sure and reread the introductory lessons on this site in order to become familiar with the proper way to hold and play the guitar.
how to play guitar chords

How To Play Guitar Chords

I hope you have enjoyed this lesson on how to play guitar chords.  This lesson is a continuation of our How To Guitar series.  Learning how to play guitar chords is a very important step in learning how to play guitar.  This will let you play most of your favorite songs and will also allow you to compose your own songs. There are a great many songs that use the C Major chord.

For example, this version of John Lennon’s Imagine utilizes a chord that is very similar to the one we just learned.  I show this to you as an example of what you can do with simple chords like this. For homework, watch the video and watch how he holds the guitar, how he picks the guitar and how he frets the notes especially on the main riff.  See if you can emulate his technique.

Also for homework, start up your metronome and work through the basic rock rhythm lesson except use the C Major chord when you play.

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