Notes of the Guitar


For this lesson on How To Guitar, we are going to be looking at the notes of the guitar. The diagram on the right shows every single note on the guitar neck. You don’t have to memorize this right away, we will doing exercises in future lessons that will allow you to memorize all the notes a lot more easily. For the first few lessons, we are going to be concentrating on the open strings as well as the notes on the first three frets so for now, take a look at the the notes listed from frets 0 (open) to 3.

Duplicate notes

By looking at the diagram, you probably noticed that many notes repeat across the fretboard.  This is natural and makes for many interesting combinations and inversions that we will be looking at in more advanced lessons! You should have also noticed that the notes on the twelfth fret of the guitar are the exact same as the open notes of the same string. This is because the notes on each string begin to repeat at the twelfth fret. You should have remembered that the chromatic scale has 12 notes in it so you can therefore understand why the notes repeat starting at the twelfth fret.

C Major

Study the following scale chart to see how the notes of the guitar are exactly the same at the twelfth fret and the open position. This is the scale of C Major (or it’s relative A minor) on the guitar. Notice how the notes starting at the 12th fret are exactly the same as the notes starting at the 0 (open) fret?

notes of the c major scale on guitar

Notes of the Guitar

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