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Power Chords

  A bar chord is a chord that only includes the root (I) and the fifth (V) notes. Basic Power Chord   C5 Power Chord Common Power Chords Power Chord Exercise

Chord Progressions

  Chord progressions are the chords, in order, that make up a riff, part or entire song.They are normally indicated using Roman Numerals which signify the chords place in the musical key of the song or piece. For a learning example, we are going to learn about one of the most popular chord progressions in […]

Chord Chart

  Now that you’ve become familiar with the chord and scale of C-Major, let’s begin to explore other chords that are within the Key of C. There are 7 of them including C-Major. One for each note in the scale. The following chord chart will show you the fretting and fingering of each chord. Learn […]

Musical Keys

  This lesson on the How To Guitar website is on musical keys. Musical keys are a music theory used to understand which chords, notes and scales can be playing during a section of music. Most modern popular songs have one key throughout the entire song however more technical music such as classical may have […]