Chord Chart


Now that you’ve become familiar with the chord and scale of C-Major, let’s begin to explore other chords that are within the Key of C. There are 7 of them including C-Major. One for each note in the scale. The following chord chart will show you the fretting and fingering of each chord. Learn how to fret and play each one of these chords. Each note should ring clearly and the chord should have a uniform sound across the notes.

Chord Chart in Key of C

chord chart


As mentioned previously, start by trying to play through each chord fluidly. It will take some practice so have patience with yourself. As our lessons progress, I will be showing you popular songs based around these chords.  For now, see if you can figure out a simple chord progression that sounds like a mainstream song.  Use your metronome when playing these chords and refer back to the basic rock rhythm lesson earlier in the How To Guitar series.


The last one is the B-Diminished chord which is not commonly used in popular music so we won’t concern ourselves with it much for now.

b diminished chord

The Musical Staff

Here is example which shows the notes of each chord in the key of C on the musical staff. chords in the key of c

You’ll notice that the notes along the C-Scale also have a number such as I-ii-iii-IV-V-vi-vii-I. These roman numerals indicate the interval of the note in the scale and can be used for transposing to different keys and is very useful when explaining music theory and chord progressions that are common in all keys, such as the blues scale and 12-bar-blues progression. We will be exploring these topics very soon in this series.


changing chords

Having Troubles?

For all you beginner guitarist that are young adults or children, I recently found this cool half-sized guitar on zzounds. The guitar would make it easy for smaller hands to fret the chords on this chord chart and it is really cheap and cool looking.  It would be a great learning guitar.

Chord Chart

The following chord chart shows most open chords for the natural keys.

chord chart

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