How To Fret Notes


For this introductory lesson on How To Guitar, I will be showing you how to fret notes. Fretting the guitar involves using your left hand (if you are a traditional right-handed player) to press down on the strings onto the fretboard making the string come into contact with the fret. This creates a musical note if your guitar is in tune. If you have any problems with the terminology or concepts that I just mentioned, you should go back and reread our introductory guitar lessons as they give all the background information you need to begin to learn how to play the guitar.

How to Hold the Guitar Neck

how to hold the guitar neck

Using your left hand, place your thumb about the middle of the guitar neck facing upwards as shown in the picture. Your hand should be relaxed at this point, you are just laying your fingers on the strings without making any notes yet.

How to Fret Notes

how to fret notes

As shown in the picture above, try using your fingers to push down on one or two strings at a time and attempt to make notes by plucking the strings with your right hand as you are pushing down onto the fretboard with your left.  Don’t worry if it sounds awful, you are an introductory student.  Once we get through the beginner and intermediate lessons, you will be well on your way to actually making the guitar sound good.

How To Guitar

Thanks for reading this lesson on how to fret notes here on How To Guitar.  It is a small component of the overall goal of learning how to play guitar. If you read all of the introductory lessons and follow through to the beginner lessons, you will learn how to put all these components and concepts together and will learn how to play guitar.  If you like this lessons, please take some time to like the page on Facebook, share it on Twitter, or post it to any of your other favorite networking sites.


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