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How To Be a Better Guitarist

In this article on my How To Guitar blog, I’m going to discuss how to be a better guitarist. There are many ways to become a better guitarist, so I will only really focus on some methods that have made me a better guitarist over the years. Practice Regular practice is what will enable you […]

The Musical Staff

The musical staff is a visual notation tool that allows music to be written onto paper.  Or the computer screen, in our case! We will be concentrating on the treble clef staff in this lesson which is the one that guitar music is written on. The treble staff has 5 horizontal lines with four spaces […]

Best Guitar Players Ever!

For this lesson on How To: Guitar, I want to talk about some of the best guitar players ever that I would definitely suggest you listen on your how to play guitar journey.  Everyone has favorite guitarists, and the guitarists on this list are some of mine.  In addition to these guitarists, I strongly urge […]